How do I become a professional Sound Mixer?

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I really want to be a Sound Mixer, the type you see in The Shawshank Redemption. But how do I go that far, because I don’t want to do stupid children comedy’s.


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Outta Touch

The best way is to beg some SOUND AND LIGHTING Contractor to let you apprentice for him. You WILL have to pay your dues by doing all the grunt work for maybe 5 YEARS before they even let you near the board to do the IFB mix and another 5 YEARS before you will be doing mixing on a Professional level. You DO know it’s a long, hard process.. right? You also can’t be afraid of HEIGHTS because YOU will be doing all the HIGH WORK in the RIGGING and be the one stuck up there for a 2 hours show, safety strapped onto a tower section running a spot light… Most of you people who start out to be a “MIXER” or a ‘LIGHTING TECH” don’t last the first 5 shows before you go running to the exits.

When you are working for a S&L contractor you are in the big time and it’s a very demanding lifestyle and THAT can get you if the job and the constant danger doesn’t.. but at least you won’t be doing “children’s comedy”

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